Apr 02 2013
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The Walking Dead PS Plus Discounts

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Hey all,


I subscribe to PS Plus and was excited to see that the complete walking dead series was going to be on sale for 10.49. When I went into the store after the update I saw that the complete bundle was still listed at 14.99. Even though all the other price changes had taken effect including the discount for each episode (down to 2.99). I did realize though that through PS Plus we were given the first and second episode for "free." 


Am I missing something or is it becasue of the "purchase" of the first two episodes that the discount is not available? Please help I would like to purchase the complete bundle for the PS Plus price....Thanks

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Re: The Walking Dead PS Plus Discounts

Apr 3, 2013
Nevermind. I just checked again and it popped up as 10.49.....carry on.

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