Sep 19 2013
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Starhawk MP as a free game with plus

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Its time.


Announce and I will rebuy plus.


Dont announce and I will simply buy a used copy from which you see no money.


Take my money or do not, your choice.




The server numbers are down lately, a plus freebie is just the thing to give this game another year in the saddle.


`Plus`` the money from the DLC purchases, you gotta know everybody wants the grizzly and purple skin.


Make it so number 1.

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Re: Starhawk MP as a free game with plus

Sep 19, 2013

The server numbers for multi-player may be going down; but the multi-player still is, and always was, the main appeal of the game.  Sony provided the single player mode free to Plus subscribers in order to drive purchases of the multi-player mode (and the full game). If Sony gives the multi-player version to Plus subscribers also, then there is nothing left for them to buy in the full version except for the co-op mode.  That's not going to sell many units, and I seriously doubt that the sale of $0.99 skins will make the game profitable.  We're not talking about Team Fortress 2 hats here.  Team Fortress 2 has far more players than Starhawk ever will. Sony was betting heavily on Starhawk becoming an e-sports platform, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Giving the multi-player away to Plus subscribers (which in the long run all online players will be) won't make that more likely.  It will just end any chance of significant future revenue from the game.


In any case, Sony doesn't take request for Plus content, and no one involved in the process reads the support forum.  You would be (slightly) better off posting a comment to the Playstation Blog in the Playstation Plus category.    

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