Nov 20 2013
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Sharing PS+ through a single console

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My Dad has the master account on our PS4, and we were able to redeem the code for PS+ on his account. When my brothers and I activated our sub accounts we didn't have PS+. I am wondering why even though we activated PS+ on the master account, why none of the sub accounts have PS+. Will each sub account have to purchase an individual PS+ membership? A helpful response would be appreciated. 

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Re: Sharing PS+ through a single console

Nov 21, 2013

Only one account will be able to access all the feature of Plus. That's the account that purchase it. Sub-accounts can't purchase Plus. Any free game downloaded by the Plus account will be able to be played by any other account on the system. Only the Plus account will get the free games and discounts, cloud service, avatars, themes, auto-update. If you're talking about the PS4 the sub-accounts will be able to play online as long as one account on the system has Plus.

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