Jan 01 2013
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Section 8: Prejudice Free PSN Avatar for Plus Members

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Re: As the topic title states. 


This is the only PS Plus item I have never been able to redeem. "Not Available at this time" is the message I've been getting for months now. At least since the PS Store was remodeled, maybe longer. I cannot find it in my DL history and it is not flagged as "Purchased" as all other items normally are. I've gone to the item using the PS Plus list of free avatars, I've gone to the Section 8 area directly. Both show it and both give me the same error message.


I usually find my own way around issues/problems which can at time include waiting for things that are beyond my control to clear.

It seems this is not one of those times.


I know it's just "free avatars" but does anyone else have this problem with this item? Has anyone else redeemed this item with sucess?



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Re: Section 8: Prejudice Free PSN Avatar for Plus Members

Jan 5, 2013

It doesn't work for me either.  I'm not sure if I ever had them before (I got a new PS3), but I'd guess it was a limited time offering or only for purchasing/preordering the game.

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