Feb 02 2014
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Problem on MY Ps4 store when im entering Psn plus which i im

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I got some problems and i wanna understand


I bought 1 year ps4 plus and it working fine, and i go to the store and the playstation plus and it just says playstation plus and no Discount or exclusive and it bring me to the plus month to buy it or 1 year plus wanna expand it


and i wont be able go the easy way to find dont starve or resogun becouse of the ads of psn plus to buy it or join it while i want to get hold of dont starve


what is the problem ???


that i mean is i cant see these 2 ps4 game in playstation plus page exept the plus subscribe????? and no plus exclusive or discount just subscribe plus even if im already subscribing 1 year


Usa Psn plus im am

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Re: Problem on MY Ps4 store when im entering Psn plus which i im

Feb 2, 2014

These are just advertisements, ignore them, scroll further to the right to see the games, alternatively use the search function or go to PS Plus then games.




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