Jan 30 2014
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Playstation Plus on Vita Sub Account

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Hello all;


I have two PS Vita for my kids (aged 8 & 6) setup on their respective sub accounts.


Recently, I tried adding PS Plus to their sub accounts however, got a message that it cannot be done becuase they are under 18.


We also have a PS3 where I do have a PS Plus subscription under my account and that works wonderfully with their profile however, not on the Vita's because of their ID's (I understand this is be design).


I have read some of the prior post on this subject and am confused by the conflicting advise and claims. So I would just like to clarify if I can add a PS Plus subscription to a sub account on Vita for a minor (under 18).


If I cannot what are my alternatives? I can reset both the Vita's to my ID and get the plus however, I do not think I can add three consoles to my Plus account. Please advise.


It is a shame that Sony does not have a family PS Plus subscription plan that would allow you to add up to four consoles while enforcing parental controls.



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Re: Playstation Plus on Vita Sub Account

Jan 31, 2014
Portables are separate from console activation.

In total, you can have 1 PS4, 2 PS3s, and 3 Handhelds (Vita or PSP) linked to the same PSN account.

To answer your original question: it is no longer possible to add Plus to a sub account
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