Jun 30 2013
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Playstation Plus - Free Games List on IGN

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I just seen on IGN "PS3's Instant Game Collection: 1 Year, 64 games". I have had my ps plus account for a few months now and have never seen games like Bordlands and Just Cause 2 listed as free downloads. These two games are on IGN's list of free game downloads. I went on tonight to the ps store and still see these two games are not free. Did I miss something, does anyone know why they still are not free to download for us ps plus members?



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Re: Playstation Plus - Free Games List on IGN

Jun 30, 2013

Yes.  You missed something.  The Instant Games Collection is a rotating roster of about 15 games, including PSP and Vita titles.  A couple of the games have been available free to Plus subscribers for the entire year.  One was only free for a week. In order to have received all of those games free, you would have had to have been a Plus subscriiber for the entire last year.  Not just a few months, or just this month.  You would also have to have visited the Playstation Plus section of the Playstation Store every week, and purchased any free games that were added during that week's Playstation Store update. 

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