Feb 09 2013
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PlayStation + games missing

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About a week ago I purchased a new white ps3 500gb console that came with a years subscription to ps+.... Well we proceeded to download probably 9 or 10 games they all seemed to work fine until this morning... I get up turn on the ps3 and all the games are no longer listed under my games menu...  I did eventually get little big planet 2 to work by finding it in the recent things we had played.. But for some reason none of the games we downloaded and installed are showing up.  I downloaded ratchet and clank all4one again but then it told me a new version had been installed... Yet once again this game and none of the others are showing up in the games menu..... Any Ideas?  I'm lost and my kidddo is distraught thinking all of his games we just got are gone Smiley Sad

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Re: PlayStation + games missing

Feb 10, 2013

Even if they are gone from your PS3, they are still attached to your PSN account, and can be downloaded from the Playstation Store as many times as needed.  The first thing to do is to search the rest of the Game category for the games.  You may have changed the organization scheme and moved them somewhere else.  Failing that, you may need to boot the PS3 in Safe Mode, and then rebuild the system database.

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