Feb 11 2013
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Play Station Plus EXPLAIN

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I am a Play Station Plus Member and I believe we Plus Members suppose to get VIP support Man Tongue 


Correct me if I'm wrong, every weekend a weekend essentials comes out for Vita and PS3 that Plus Members can download and every month, 2 games are totally free for the whole month for plus members.  True Or False?


If true.... Since December 2013 I only got 1 weekend essential, and Uncharted & Gravity are still the month 2 free games, even though we are in February now whats happening?


If false....WHAT? is Plus really all about then, besides the prices drops and online storage and automatically updates

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Re: Play Station Plus EXPLAIN

Feb 11, 2013

Each week the PlayStation Store updates, frequently bringing PlayStation Plus members a revised selection for the ongoing Instant Game Collection. Not only does the Instant Game Collection give PlayStation 3 owners new full PlayStation 3 games and PlayStation Network offerings, it also divides its time between PlayStation Vita owners just as well. Vita owners differently have received both free Vita games and free PSP games to boot.


Just like the PlayStation 3 plan, for the Vita owners they see the same old Instant Game Collection additions mixed and matched in with both the new and old ones. From the beginning the Instant Game Collection has consisted of 12 "Free" games on the PlayStation 3, while with the Vita the collection was cut down to 6 "Free" games. Some of these games may remain in the Instant Collection for months at a time; Uncharted: Golden Abyss may remain in the Instant Game Collection six months down the road if the PS3 Collection is any indication of how this process operates.


While PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network titles are switched in and out more often, being that there's more of them, the Vita so far has seen its share of games get in and out along with there being a PlayStation 3 version to swap. Such titles as Foosball 2012 and Retro City Rampage came to the Instant Game Collection for both platforms. Usually though, at least so far, the Vita seems to be getting its big drop at the end of the month, like with January's addition of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.


Besides free games though, PlayStation Plus is about the discounts too. It's about saving you money from overbuying on all sorts of expensive goodies that the store shovels out. If you manage to like what PlayStation Plus is offering on sales, in giveaways, and even in beta exclusivity (normally PlayStation Plus is the place to get your beta access pass first), then you total up your experience with having games, avatars, or even themes that Plus saved you from overspending on otherwise.

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