Feb 17 2013
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Payed for content not accessible after subscription renewal

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My playstation plus subscription was up on the 15th of Feb. I renewed my subscription on the 14th of Feb, and set the add funds from wallet auto to renew to yes as it was already set to. Even though my last subscription was valid I paid for Walking dead season pass. Now in my download history it does not show the season pass even though I paid for it and downloaded it. In my transaction history the season pass shows up.  Also my renewed subscription is acting as if I never had a subscription and now everything is saying it is expired.  

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Re: Payed for content not accessible after subscription renewal

Feb 18, 2013

Free content that is downloaded with a Playstation Plus subscription is set to expire on the day after your Plus subscription ends, at the time that you downloaded the content.  Extending your subscription later does not alter the expiration date of previously downloaded content.  You have to renew the license for the content by clicking the Download button for it again.  The content won't actually be downloaded again if it is already installed, but the license will be renewed, and set to expire when your current subscription to Plus ends.


All of the Walking Dead game episodes have been published, so the season pass is no longer available for sale, or needed by anyone.  The five episodes themselves should still be in your downloads list.  That is all that you need.

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