Jul 25 2013
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PS4 on pre-order. Buying games through Plus. Will I be able to play them?

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Howdy all, I did a forum search but this might not even be answered yet. So I subscribed to Plus shortly after pre-ordering the PS4. (I don't have a PS3) Would like to order ibb & obb. Will the PS3 games be playable, via stream or otherwise, on the PS4, or is this a XBox Live situation? (the old games already purchased will not be playable)


Just wondering - thanks for your help



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Re: PS4 on pre-order. Buying games through Plus. Will I be able to play them?

Jul 25, 2013

No.  The PS4 will play absolutely no PS3 games at launch.  Sony has announced no date for the availability of the streaming service, or even guaranteed that it will ever be available.  Even if it does come someday, we don't know what games will be available via streaming (it won't be all of them, or even most of them), and we don't know if buying the games in the Playstation Store now will give you the ability to use them via streaming anyway.  You are strongly advised against buying any PS3 content now with the expectation that you will ever be able to play it on the PS4.  Sony has made no definite commitment to support PS3 content on the PS4, and has certainly made no commitment to honor past PS3 game purchases on the PS4.

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Re: PS4 on pre-order. Buying games through Plus. Will I be able to play them?

Aug 3, 2013

The main reason for this being at the moment is that the new consoles have finally switched to x86 architecture for their hardware.. Before, sony was using a custom designed chipset for the cpu that they built in house with a couple other big name companies.. This time, they've gone with some pretty hardcore AMD jaguar chips, that make life easier on the developers.  Porting will be super simple now, and we'll be seeing games of similiar quality on the ps4/pc soon after launch on either side.  That's beneficial as well.


Also, as for older games that weren't strictly ps3 exclusive (had pc versions) and ps1/ps2, sony will eventually bring those to the system I'd bet.  They're going to need time to port the little bit of code that will need to be changed to get pc games ported to it, and as for ps1/ps2 they'll just custom design HLE code to rewrite it on the fly and emulate the original chips for those games.  That's what they've already been doing AFAIK.


In the end, it really means just better support and faster ports for us.  Smiley Happy Good news for gamers.


But, in *MY* opinion.. It means don't go selling your ps3 Smiley Tongue I'm not even considering it.

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