Feb 05 2013
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PS Plus Renewal issues.

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I know that the answer is probably already on the forum, but seeing as I am paying good money I am not willing to search any longer than i already have.


Here is the issue. Before my plus subscription was up I renewed for another 3 months because I had previously made the mistake of not getting to it untill it had expired. I thought this would solve this but no, not at all. When the original subscription is up, almost all (except fpr a rare few) of the free games say they are expired. Now this wouldn't bother me and I would just download the games again and reinstall, but not only are we talking about a good 24 hours of downloading at this point, we also have another block at least that long to install them all. That is rediculous and I happen to know that it would be easy for you to make the subscription update itself to my ps3 once I paid for the renewal. We are talking just a little bit of extra code. The trophies update all the time when you check them, it's basically the same commands to do something such as this.


I guess a big part of the issue I have is due to the hard drive that came in my ps3 being 80gig, when Sony had to know they were going to offer a large quantity of games theough this subscription. From downloading the games and then taking some off to check out new one offered, and then having to redo the entire thing every time I renew the plus subscription, my drive became disgustingly slow (likely fragmentation caused, this is a well known thing with lots of moving files on a drive) and just recently fried and I had to replace it. Of course, ideally I would have purchased a whole new ps3, but I would way rather spend about 100 on a drive as the PS3 surprisingly has not really gone down in cost even though it is years old and other consoles that came out around the same time have dropped price and are now cheaper than the ps3. Now I get to wonder when the console will totally die and there goes the entire thing. 


I have tried everything I have read on this issue here on the forum, maybe I have a unique situation, but none of them work. My situation being different is unlikely due to the system software constantly being updated on all the consoles to the same firmware. Things should be pretty similar across the board and finding how to solve an issue should be pretty straightforward but it isn't. If there is a way to fix this without spending hours of work reinstalling it all (I don't pay for something so I can figure out how to make it work as it should in the first place) please let me know. I tried every game and out of something like 30 something games there are two I think that I can still play. 



On a side note, I must say that these little issues are beginning to add up and I think that I'm not the only one that just might go with the competitions console next time I buy one. I know people who have both and have tried them all myself and Sony seems to have some of the biggest issues when it comes to stuff like this. With the kind of money I spend on gaming I would expect to get a little better product, or at least that any problems such as this would be mentioned at the time of plus subscribing. I must say I have always preferred Sony gaming consoles ever since Nintendo started going downhill. I know I am one of millions of customers and my few hundred I spend a year is nothing to a corporation like Sony, but I miss the old days when customer satisfaction was something businesses worked hard to have. Just because I am a small amount of possib;y lost income doesn't mean that I should be let to stray for something that is known about  and could be easily mended. Maybe my idea of customer service is different but I don't think it would be that off. I'm not trying  to milk anything free, I just would like more convenience on matters like this.  I appreciate any help you can give, again sorry I had to open another message about it but I looked and looked and all the solutions I find are totally useless. 

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Re: PS Plus Renewal issues.

Feb 5, 2013

Again you couldn't have done a thorough search. You don't need to redownload and install all the "Expired" PS Plus games. You simply start the download then cancel it. That's it. License renewed. Games playable again.


On a side note noone cares if you go with the competition next time.

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