Dec 28 2012
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Mistyped Card Sony Playstation Plus 12 Mont

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I have a problem, I just buy a card for 12 months psn plus received by the card and insert the code for my ps vita into the Playstation Store in Redeem Codes. so I typed the code was submitted to the downloads list and realized that nothing happened that was registered in demonstrating psn plus.
I found it strange and soon after entered the same code on my PS3 that gave the message code already used.
Could someone help me with this I spent $ 55 and did not want to lose the chance.
Thank you.


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Re: Mistyped Card Sony Playstation Plus 12 Mont

Dec 28, 2012

There is nothing to download for Playstation Plus.  It is a subscription.  Not DLC. Once you have redeemed your Playstation Plus code, go to the Playstation Plus section of the Vita and PS3 Playstation Stores, and you should be able to purchase the items there for free, or at a discounted price.  The Playstation Plus subscription is linked to your PSN account. Not any particular console.  Once you redeem the code, you can download the Plus free content to any of the PS3s or Vitas that are activated under  the PSN account that is subscribed to Playstation Plus.

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