Aug 14 2013
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Missing part of save ps+ storage

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Went to my friends house yesterday, made a new character, and got really far in dark souls. I had the game use the online storage so when i got home last night i could continue playing. Last night it said my save would be able to transfer at 5AM. So today at 1pm i just copied the save to my ps3, put in dark souls and my character is showing but ALOT of progress is missing. How can i fix this/what caused this i really cant go through all that progress again. Thanks.

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Re: Missing part of save as+ storage

Aug 15, 2013

By "had the game use the online storage" I assume that you mean that you set the Saved Data Auto-Upload option for the game.  Games can't directly access save data in online storage, and can't directly save data to online storage either. The Saved Data Auto-Upload feature uploads the save data "on a regular basis", which does not mean immediately after it changes.  It only gets uploaded periodically.  What you have in online storage is the most recent data that was uploaded.  If you wanted to ensure that your game progress from when you stopped playing was uploaded to online storage, then you needed to upload it manually when you were done.  The most recent save data will still be on your friend's PS3, unless he deleted the user profile that you created.

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