Jul 29 2013
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How PS+ prevented piracy.

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Hello Guys, I wanted to share an experience with you, which i thought was rather pleasant .

My name is Pawan . I am a citizen of India and have always been a die hard fan of products of Sony. Especially the Playstation. Having owned all the previous consoles, right from PS1 to PS2 and now since the past 4 years, a PS3,(my third os3 actually) I can easily say that the ps has been a huge part of my childhood, and will continue to be in my adult life as well, as it is now.
I wanted to share with you a recent experience that happened. I have a group on facebook,
It is not affiliated with sony or playstation, and is just a group i had created many years back for the indian Playstation 3 owners, and has gained a lot of popularity and has many hard core gamers and technically aware members.

Recently we got a new member. This man had just bought a 500gb super slim, and he wanted to know how to jailbreak his system. In my group, i have drafted the rules such that talks of piracy are strictly prohibited and in fact a member and myself, we created a doc as to why piracy is bad to deter people from doing it.
So when this person enquired as to how he could jailbreak, members from my group and myself, convinced him that piracy was bad and infact there was no need to pirate on the PS3, because the PSN + is one of the best features any console has ever had. With the excellent freebies, discounts and DLCs available to subscribers.

Sharing the merits of PS + with him, we made him see how it was not necessary to pirate games, and he actually ended up taking the subscription and therefore, we prevented one person from going to piracy as it is extremely harmful to the gaming industry.

I have attached screenshots of the entire conversation that took place in this email, and i would like for you to read it and for Sony to realize what a good job they have done and how they have such loyal fans,even in India, who go out of their way to prevent piracy and promote Sony and the magnificent PS3.

I just wanted to share this pleasant experience with Sony and to give them due credit.


Pawan K
Delhi, India
My Group:

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Re: How PS+ prevented piracy.

Jul 29, 2013

I agree that Playstation Plus has made the Playstation Network more compelling, and that has made running official System software more attractive because you can't access PSN while running unauthorized System software.  While you were able to convince this particular buyer that PSN was worth more than the ability to run pirated software, Playstation Plus does not remove all of the incentive to pirate software.  While the Instant Game Collection provides more games than most people have time to play, it isn't necessarily, or even likely, going to provide all of the games that someone wants.  The IGC doesn't generally provide the latest new releases of AAA games, and many popular older games that are readily available on pirate sites are not likely to ever join the IGC either.  Some publishers have never had a game in the Instant Game Collection.  The other features of Plus are either not relevant to, or already available in, in unauthorized System software. 


Sony doesn't view Plus primarily as an anti-piracy measure.  People that don't think that they should have to pay for software, will continue to pirate it.  Playstation Plus was intended to create a revenue stream for PSN, without rescinding Sony's previous commitment to free online console features.  Online play won't be free for some games on the PS4, but the many other benefits of Playstation Plus, that are already established on the PS3 and PS Vita, have made that transition a lot less controversial for Sony.  In that respect Playstation Plus is a success for Sony, even if it doesn't have any significant impact on piracy.  

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Re: How PS+ prevented piracy.

Jul 30, 2013

I didn't think the idea behind this was to promote psn+ in particular, it was just  an attempt to reduce piracy and prevent this guy from pirating games which as far as i know and have read, hurts the gaming industry. Piracy in India is done at a large scale without any remorse or sense of responsibilty or any apparent consequences, because it is so widely accepted and done. Therefore turning this one guy from doing that was an important milestone for me,even though one person hardly matters in the larger picture,but for once, peer pressure (in a postive sense) and just making someone aware of their options, and giving them the information, prevented it.

And in this case, ps+ was instrumental in the same.


Here is another doc we have posted , which tries to dether people from turning to piracy.


It just personally makes me feel unpleasant, when people go and spend 2$ and get a game like GOW or AC2,3 etc which game developers spent months and years and millions of dollars to create and the games in themselves are such masterpieces.

I am one of those people who cant afford to buy a game more than once in a few months, so i am sensitive towards why one would think about looking the other way, and therefore I try and make other people see the same. Of course along with a lot of help from my friends and other members in my group.



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Re: How PS+ prevented piracy.

Aug 1, 2013
It didnt prevent it though,video games are the second most pirated media on earth,and PS+ can be hacked liked everything and is hacked very often,so picking out one instance doesnt prove anything but statistics do.
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