Apr 15 2013
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Charged for a 3-month subscription when cancelled.....

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So imagine my surprise the other day when i get a billing invoice from saying i was billed $17ish for another 3-month subscription when i cancelled it back in january via my console. My bank has been notified that is was an unauthorized transaction and i would appreciate it if you guys in the billing dept fixed the error on your end as well.....

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Re: Charged for a 3-month subscription when cancelled.....

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Apr 15, 2013

No body from SCE that cares reads this forum..

This is a users self help forum... A place for all the spam posting users and the odd help full post to show up.

The contact us link at the bottom is for contacting SCEA


There are lots of reasons why PS+ can be re-activated.

Normal they include Users who SHARE a house with a Insecure unit and password saved on units with other people using the same account and triggering the PS+ again.....

Others are those who use a Free code again and trigger a new subscription.

There are many more.... 

SCE staff on the contact us phone and live support can trace the IP address, the unit and time of re-activation...

Every console activity is logged. (big brother is still watching every time you sign in) 

You also Normally get a welcome email when your PSN ID re-active PS+ after time away... 

SCE staff can tell you those details over the phone...


Due to you canceling a Transaction because you are unable to keep the account secure you will soon likely be banned automatically as users who prove to be a security risk to there own card details are removed for there own safety this is standard practice....

Millions of users can keep the transactions secure with out any unplanned payments So Banks and companies agree the share details of users unable to keep transactions secure...


Those who can't are removed from the service for there own protection...  And because card insurance companies who actually will repay you ( The bank does not refund you, nor does SCE. The insurance companies do... ) don't like doing multi claims for the same user...  





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Re: Charged for a 3-month subscription when cancelled.....

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Apr 15, 2013

This gets reported a lot.  In most cases what happened is that the member did not cancel the subscription specifically, but instead just turned off the "automatic funding for subscription renewal" option.  That option gets turned back on whenever you purchase a subscription of any kind, and will result in a Plus subscription being renewed from your credit card again.  The proper way to cancel a subscription is to go to the services list (or media list on the web site), and cancel automatic renewal just for the subscription alone.  That never gets reversed automatically.  Someone would have to go to the same place in the account management pages and turn automatic renewal back on. 


I should warn you also that SNEA has zero tolerance for credit card charge-backs.  If your bank reverses the credit card charge, Sony will automatically suspend access to your PSN account, permanently.  You get no refunds, and your can't transfer anything to another account.  You lose access to everything you bought or earned on your PSN account.  Hardly worth $17.99, or just making a point.  In some cases, Sony might reinstate your access, but Sony won't even consider it until you tell your bank that the transaction was authorized after all. You might want to do that right now.


If Sony thinks that you deserve a refund, then it can give you one, but you have to contact customer support by phone or live chat.  You can't request a refund in the forum.  Well, obviously you can, but no one that can give you a refund will read your post; so you won't ever get a refund until you use the proper method of contact.  Sony's decision on the matter is final.  If you try to get a refund any other way, you will lose access to your PSN account.

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Re: Charged for a 3-month subscription when cancelled.....

Apr 16, 2013

gkpama jumped right on this and is absolutely correct. I do want to just reiterate what he said that your account will be permenantly suspended for blocking the billing transaction! A lot of people arent' aware of that. Allow the charge if you value your account and then go back and cancel it as he described.


Good luck!

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Re: Charged for a 3-month subscription when cancelled.....

Apr 18, 2013
well gow71 he said he cancelled it previosuly and it didnt work. In this case the charge was not authorized I personally would contact sony first and then remove all my financial info. so they cant do that again
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