Dec 24 2012
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Cannot get access tothe 1-month membership to Playstation Plus

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I just bought a PS 3, 250 GB and got PlayStation PLus Instant Game Colletion 1-month Membership. When creating account in the PSN , pressed Colombia by mistake as country of origin (I live in Venezuela), when tried to select Playstation store got a message: service not available in your area!! As a customer I want to access to the library of games from playstation plus which was one of the features that made me decide to buy a PS3. I would appreciate you solving my problem telling me how to edit my country of origin ( I tried and I couldn`t) and also how to redeem the PS plus code succesfully, 


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Re: Cannot get access tothe 1-month membership to Playstation Plus

Dec 24, 2012

You can't change your country; you'll have to make another account.  Are you sure PS+ is available in Venezuela?  The PS+ code will be region specific, from whatever country the bundle was made for.  As far as I know there is a PS store for Brazil and Mexico, but no where else in Latin America (though more are coming next year).

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