Sep 04 2014
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Can't play online, can't login to psn, ps+ not working

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To begin, I don't know why we have to pay for ps+ to be able to play online when it's free on the ps3 platform. To add, after paying to be able to play online, ps+ and psn has connection problems time after time. It seems every time a new game comes out or the psn servers are under " high volume" problems arise.

Sony needs to step up and fix these problems and find a long term solution. Why dosnt xbox have these problems?

I turned on my playstation and it advised me that it was improperly shut down. I don't know how because I shut it down correctly last night. I go to play battlefield and it tells me that it can not load battlepacks. I then try multiplayer and it says that I need ps+ ( which it is not due to expire till April 2015 ). I checked the internet connection, all was ok on that end. I then signed out of my psn account and tried to log in and it told me that psn was under maintenance, I tried to log in and it gave me an error code. I looked up the code, apparently there is a connection to server issue.

I talked to someone from playstation on the phone and online and was told to just try again tonight or tomorrow. This is totally unacceptable. I expect products that I buy to work when I use them. I payed all this money to have something that constantly has problems and dosnt work. Shame on you sony for taking people's money and not fixing problems in a timely manner or before they arise.
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Re: Can't play online, can't login to psn, ps+ not working

Sep 4, 2014

Microsoft DOES have those problems, and others.

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