Oct 05 2012
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Can't play PS+ games after renewing

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Hi folks.

I've had a membership for the past year and wanted to make sure I extended it a few days earlier than its expiry because I knew I was going to be away without broadband access for awhile and didn't want to lose access to my ps+ games in the meantime.

So a few weeks ago I bought a one year subscription card and entered it online. Sure enough it said my expiry was extended through to Oct 2013. So I know it went through.

Here I am, however, miles from wifi and when I try to get in to any of my games it tells me my subscription is expired or in some cases that I need to buy the full game.

Please tell me I didn't just spend 50 bucks only to be unable now to play my games for the next few weeks until I get home to a reliable Internet connection (I'm using a friends phone to write this).
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Re: Can't play PS+ games after renewing

Oct 6, 2012

Even if you renew your subscription, the license files for any free games that you downloaded will still expire when your current subscription ends.  The expiration date is set when the game is downloaded, and doesn't change.  If you renewed your subscription then the game will still be marked as purchased in the Playstation Store.  Just download it again.  The game won't actually be downloaded if it is already installed, but the license file will be replaced with a new one that expires when your new subscription expires.  If the games are not marked as purchased (red shopping bag icon), then either you downloaded them under a different PSN account, or you renewed your Playstation Plus subscription under a different PSN account.  The license files are very small, and you don't need more than a minimal Internet connection to replace them. Even a mobile phone with tethering, or mobile hotspot capability, would be more than enough.

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