Nov 27 2012
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Can I get the free PSplus games for PS3 w/o a PS3?

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Just got my Vita and PSplus. I keep seeing all the "free" games that are included for the PS3. Can I get the free games for PS3 via PSplus without actually having a PS3? I'm a month or 2 away from being able to buy a PS3 but I'd like to be able to access games that are currently free on PSplus then. I know I will need to stay a current PSplus subscriber.

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Re: Can I get the free PSplus games for PS3 w/o a PS3?

Nov 27, 2012

The short answer is NO.


The free games for the PS3, are downloads, just like the VITA games.  PS3 Games would not download to the VITA, and there would not be enough room anyway.  


You need the HDD in the PS3 to get the free games.  The only thing cloud based for PLUS, is the save storage.  Regardless, you need the PS3 to facilitate this.  


As far as the VITA games go; once you have the PS3, you can download the VITA games to it.  While you cannot play the VITA games on the PS3, it allows you to store them on a bigger drive, should you want to make and keep space on the VITA's memory.  I do this with my downloaded PSP games.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Can I get the free PSplus games for PS3 w/o a PS3?

Nov 28, 2012

Playstation Plus PS3 free game content is only in the PS3 Playstation Store, which can only be accessed on a PS3.  However, it doesn't have to be your PS3.  You could create a profile with your PSN account on any PS3, and use that to purchase the free PS3 games (for $0) in the PS3 Playstation Store.  You don't need to download the games.  Just purchase them.  When you get your PS3, then you can download the free PS3 games that you purchased earlier with your Plus subscription to your PS3.

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