Dec 31 2013
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Bioshock 2 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition through PS3+ program.

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I am writing in to see if anyone has a solution to my problem. I am a PlayStation Plus member, and I have been trying to get my free copies of BioShock 2 and Super Street Fighter 4. I seem to be downloading them with out any issues, however when I go to install them things seem to go ok until it hits 14% at which time I get an error message with the following error code. 80029564   I then seen an extra folder under my Games list with a number of files that are corrupted. I have tried to delete all traces of the files, as well as deleting the games themselves before downloading them again. However, no matter how many times I have done so, I always get the same Error code as well as always getting to 14% install before getting the error code 80029564 and a number of corrupted files under my games list. Has anyone else who has had this issue been able to find a solution? I feel being a paying member of the PLUS program I should be able to get the games offered, install them, and play them with out any issues. This is not the first time I have encountered this problem. However, this is the first time that there are two titles I would love to have, Bioshock 2 being one of them. So, while it seems I am going to have to do what I was trying to avoid and contact customer service, I still felt I would post here first and give it a few hours before making the call. Maybe someone will have a solution. I have tried to delete all traces of the files and redownload them, I have pluged my console right into my modem rather then my router thinking that would fix the problem, but alas it was not the case. So, if anyone has a solution I am open to try anything. Otherwise, it seems I will be left with little choice but to contact customer service. Again, any suggestions would help. Thank you all for your time, and have a wonderful New Years.

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Re: Bioshock 2 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition through PS3+ program.

Jan 2, 2013

You have a problem with your home network, or Internet connection.  The PS3 System assumes that your Internet connection is virtually error free.  The PS3 does not check for and correct data errors in the download.  The downloaded content is not checked for corruption until you install it, by which time it is already too late.  PS3 full games are large, so to download them successfully, you need a very clean Internet connection.  The problem may be your router, interference from other radio devices (if you are using wireless), a bad Ethernet cable (for your PS3, if you are using a wired connection, or between your router or modem); or it could be a problem with the ISP cabling or modem.  You will probably have to call your ISP for support to check for errors on your connection, which do happen.  Until you resolve that issue, it isn't likely that you will be downloading any 18GB games successfully. 


Sony doesn't guarantee that you will be able to download any content to your PS3 successfully.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your PS3 has a good enough Internet connection to download content successfully (by downloading free demos, for example), before purchasing content. You are not due a refund because you are unable to download content that you purchased.  It is on you to resolve the problem.

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