Jul 13 2013
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A request to Sony to make PS+ better by using this simple method

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Dear Sony,I am requesting you a simple method of how you can make your PS+ subscription much more better.


A poll method to give PS+ games:

1: Batman Arkham City                       30% votes
2: Red Dead Redemption                 40% votes
3: Battlefield 3                                      20% votes
4: Assassin's Creed 2                       12% votes
5: Killzone 3                                          8% votes


In above games suppose Red Dead Redemption got the most votes.
So,RDR is the fans demand.


I am not requesting about all games you give on PS+ should use poll method.
Out of 12 PS3 games you give on PS3,atleast one game should use poll method.


I think all fans will love this method if you do it.

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Re: A request to Sony to make PS+ better by using this simple method

Jul 13, 2013
You should head to the Playstation blog more often, they do surveys every week on the content that's being released.
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Re: A request to Sony to make PS+ better by using this simple method

Jul 14, 2013

It wouldn't matter anyway.  Unless the game is published by Sony, which none of those are except for Killzone 3, then Sony has to get the publisher's agreement to offer the game free to Plus subscribers for a fixed fee that Sony can afford based on Plus revenues.  The publisher won't agree to that if it thinks that it can make more by selling the game at retail or in the Playstation Store.  Presumably, the games that people would be most likely to vote to get for free, are also games that they would buy if they weren't free.  RockStar might decide that it could make more money than Sony could offer by giving Plus subscribers a discount on the game, instead of allowing it to join the Instant Game Collection.  There is nothing that Sony can do about that. It's RockStar's game.


Battlefield 3 is already in the Instant Game Collection now.  Most of the games in the Instant Game Collection are ones that rarely sell in the Playstation Store now.  In that case, the publisher does not think that it has much to lose by having the game in the Instant Game Collection. If nothing else, it may drive DLC sales. In some cases publishers will put a game in the Instant Game Collection when a sequel is about to be released, to get gamers interested in the franchise before the next installment.   In any case, subscriber opinion doesn't play into it much, and no part of the Instant Game Collection is going to be dictated entirely by popular demand.  

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