Apr 01 2013
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1 Month Free Trial Voucher Expire Early?

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Hi.  I recently was given the gift of a brand new copy of The Journey Collection.  I was excited for the free month trial of PS+ that was included with the bundle.  I noticed today that on the card itself, it says valid through 3/31/2013.  With not a moment to lose, I logged on about an hour ago to redeem the code.  However, it says the code was invalid.  That is disappointing as the voucher clearly indicated that I had through today for activation.  I cant help but be bitter about this.  I was probably going to renew after the trial but now I feel spurned and am no longer interested.  


Sony, please follow through on the stated committment when issuing these vouchers in the future.


Thank for letting me get that out!

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Re: 1 Month Free Trial Voucher Expire Early?

Apr 2, 2013

Welcome to the forums.


Your best bet is to contact customer support about this. You can find contact options for them via this link here found at the bottom of the page:


Good luck have a great day.



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