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Dec 05 2009
By: DDanubian First Son 1 posts

Log In Difficulties

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For 6 years I have been enjoying my adventures in Vanadiel on my PS2.  Suddenly I am having log in difficulties and a constant POL 1558 error.  Turns out Sony is aware of a DNAS problem and it's still not been resolved after 2 days?  What's up with that?  For a company that's come to rely on earnings from video game hardware/software, I'd have thought a resolution to keep existing customers happy(or plain ol' keep existing customers)would have surely been crafted by now. 


Am I the only one having this log in problem?  I've read a few threads on other FFXI sites, but so far none here.  I'm looking forward to logging onto Twitter and tweeting about my frustration with the customer service this pay to play venture is giving out when the stuff hits the fan.      

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Re: Log In Difficulties

Dec 7, 2009
forthe last week or so I've been having FFXI lag issues on my PS3.  I haven't tried to load up my PS2 but I may try this when I get home(the wi-fi setup I use on my PS2 is flakier than using the PS3's builtin Wi-Fi).  I don't know if this is releated...
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