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Nov 30 2003
By: Cyro7787~ Hekseville Citizen 293 posts

help with X-2

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i am in the 1st chapter and i just compleated every thing in Mushroom Rock Road and in the guide it says my compleation should be at 13% but i am only at 12%? can some one help me and tell me what i missed, it dosent seem like i missed any thing. I fallowed every thing on the compleation guide.
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Re: help with X-2

Nov 30, 2003

i have trouble like that too in CH1.... the % didn't really match but once i was it CH2... they both matches up....




it's bad that the game doesn't tell u the % to the 1/100... if u r quite sure u've done everything i suggest u try move on and see if the number matches up later..... (btw, u have paid O'aka all his debt already? maybe that's the one???)

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