Aug 17 2013
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Screen Shots -Available in Phase 4?

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Has anyone tested or tried to do screen shots yet?


One thing that users were guessing would happen is PS3 screencaps would become unlocked in the Open Beta.



Inquiring minds...hope someone has a positive answer :smileytongue:

From a decision by Sony to move away from Community to focus on Competition...

To a forum that was on its way to repairing itself in a focus on Community.. now having trolls protected if they help generate site hits..

To the world of HOME being kept in the dark when so many developers have left already...

A concept focused on profits and Competition have another name in the world of Pro-Community- RIP!

May the trolls, drama makers and competitive personas find joy in Sony - I'll do like soo many others and just move on.

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Re: Screen Shots -Available in Phase 4?

Aug 17, 2013

Yup, the screenshot feature is live. Hold L1 and press start. To remove the HUD before snapping a photo, hold L1 and press select.


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