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Re: Post Your Age and "View" of FF13 up on

Apr 5, 2010

16 years and safe to say, relieved. When people started to say how linear it was, i expected a narrow corridor of doom but i didn't find this to be true. Sure the story itself was linear but what story isn't? All FF games stories are linear, the problem is that in this game, there isn't anything else but story to do for 20+ hours. This is fine with me because it was such a great story. One complaint i have is that when all the characters we had grown to love (yes even Hope, after about 15 hours of hate) got together, that was pretty much it. No more intimate character interaction or development. 

Battle System- A- Fun and fast, it was awesome and fun and people may not like Auto-Battle but it only puts in what you would put in anyway, so it saves time and help keeps the fast pace up so you can switch Paradigms. It gets a minus because it has the longest tutorial in the history of video games.

Music- B+ i loved the diversity of the music form the piano and guitar solos to the harmonica in Sazh's theme and what sounded like a Didgeridoo, or like instrument. I will admit that it was forgettable and i could only hum the songs while there were playing but i think that this is because i am older and listen to a lot more music, unlike the music i know from earlier days when music was still new.

Graphics-A++ and i didn't even play it in 1080p. Whatever GoW3 looks better, i don't believe it.

VA- B+ Was full of emotion and felt real but even though i liked the "sugar and rainbows" bit, it and parts like it took away from some of the seriousness, if only a little.

Story- Can i give higher then an A+++? I loved the story and the characters and the ending made me feel a way that a video game has not made me feel in a long time. Happy yet sad but still right in a way, just a special feeling in your stomach you both hate and cherish.


It was not perfect and many remarks about the game were valid, but some were completely blown out of the water and only said because of reasons i cannot understand. I guess the people that hate this game so much will just have to wait for FFXIII versus to come out so they make new reasons to hate that too.  Sure XIII was linear, but in a good way. If i want freedom and open-world, i will get New Vegas when it comes out. I will not say that it was the best game ever but it was amazing. Not my fav FF game, but up on my list for sure. I look forward to beating it again this summer.

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Re: [SURVEY] Post Your Age and "View" of FF13

Apr 5, 2010

Age: 15

Game is "Meh."



Voice acting is bad (except for a few exceptions). Vanille's accent is all over the place. And what's with Fang and Vanille having different accents when the are from the same place?

Characters are generic and almost annoying.

Auto-battle is too easy. Bosses were just down right dissapointing. "Roles" remind  me of the Dress Spheres.

Crystarium is just Sphere Grid without the freedom.


Vanille is the cute, perky girl of the group with the whole "LOOK AT ME I'M ADORABLE! HUH HA!"

Snow is the guy who can't shut up. "I'M A HERO! I'M A HERO! I'M A HERO! YEAH!"

Lightning is like the old wise person who doesn't say anything unless it's worth saying.

Hope is the kid who can't quit whining because his mom died. ( I realize he changes, but still)

Sazh is looking for his lost kid and that's it.

Fang is the muscle.


Soundtrack: I want Uematsu back, let's just leave it at that.


It's a great, beautiful game. Just not a good Final Fantasy.

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Re: Post Your Age and "View" of FF13

Apr 5, 2010

23 - 8/10 - I have a love/hate relationship with this game.


The game is not what the old ones were. Having taken away some of the free roaming of cities and NPCs to adapt to a demanding development environment on the PS3/360, the devs have taken what hard core fans like me desire most - an important RPG element. The game iteself is done well for the development decisions they've made though. FFXIII doesn't feel like FF although the characters and story are well developed.


I could do without auto battle in real time. I would rather have the ability to pause and micromanage the battle. They've made it more accessible to all ages by removing some of the difficulty of strategic movements (not that there aren't ANY).


I still enjoy it. I just wont be remembering it like VII, VIII, X, XII.

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Re: Post Your Age and "View" of FF13

Apr 6, 2010

Some might recall PSMVP Blaq...  Big RPG addict like myself.... We play and review as many of the RPG's as we can and we give credit when its due and don't when its not. 


I'd like 2 share his personal review for this game from a thread I made on another site....... 


just in case... *Spoiler*




Aight. So here's where I'm at with this game...

On the negative side, combat is an administrative secretarial boredom-fest. This combat has more micromanagement than you could ever wish for thanks to having to switch Paradigms so much. Thankfully, the AI is pretty good. But I'm learning that it gets a bit dumber as your characters learn the big-boy spells.

Fortunately, this tedious issue is offset by the fact that most battles end within 50 seconds max.

However, this game is stingy as hell with CP. C'mon man. And the blatant level capping is retarded. If we are willing to put in work to level, we should be rewarded for such. Plus, the game adds extra love to this by making enemies that can decimate you regardless of how diesel you are. Why let us level if we never truly see the fruits of our labor or if the game only lets us level just enough to survive?  Just make this an action game where we have to puzzle solve each fight based on how the enemies are setup.  Many folks will call this "strategy" or "difficulty."  I call it tedious puzzle solving.  It's not hard, you just have to be willing to invest time to figure out the trick to each battle.  Not really my style. 

Thankfully - and sadly - the main saving grace for me is the achievements. They are all completionist type isht. That's my kinda gig, so I'll be motivated to keep laying to 100 %completion. Not sure about the after game crap. If it takes too long, I'll probably move on.

I also have the story. It still interests me to see how this thing will end. The writers captured a few great scenes that really made me feel for the characters. The problem is that these scenes are few and far between. Also, the dialog is absolutely horrible. Corny one-liners. Regurgitated phrases used in every action/drama story ever written. The saving grace here is that the characters are at least endearing...

It is sad that my favorite character may end up being Hope. Well... Not sad I guess. It would actually be kinda cool. But jeez, a 13yr old has more substance and character depth than everyone else... To include a father who is fighting for his son?  So far, the game has fumbled Sahz character consistently.  But hey..  at least he's not the minstrel show that Barret was. 

Hah well...  Not a bad game in and of itself, but definitely one of the weaker FFs I've played. 


part 2


I've logged over 100hrs in this joint.  I have to say, it's made a great case for me making it the last Final Fantasy I ever play.  I don't think I've ever been this frustrated with a game.  I wish I wasn't obsessive compulsive with finishing things.  Working for the achievements is what let me really experience my largest frustrations with the game.  Had I quit when I beat the main game, I would have still thought the game was wack and been disappointed, but not frustrated like I am now. 

My biggest beef is with the level capping until you beat the game and how leveling after the fact serves no purpose.  Then when you DO beat the game and are set free to level, leveling doesn't do you any real good.  I completed 90% of the hunts before I was ever close to maxed out in the Crystarium.  If I remember right, 84% were 5-starred.  Then I figured I'd go level and have an easier time against some of the more difficult hunts.  Nope.  I saw some minor improvements, but, outside of paradigm strategy, many of these bosses are more about what equipment you have to protect yourself on than how strong you are in STR or MAG.  Especially mission 64. 

I feel like I wasted alotta time leveling for nothing.  The STR and MAG increases really weren't all that for the amount of hours I spent doing it.  That is my biggest beef.  Why make me level for 20hrs if it isn't really going to help me much.  You could have let me level in-game and not been so stingy with CP.  But you can't brag that your game is 120hrs if you don't give people busywork. 

And the ridiculous way you have to farm money in this game is just an assinine gimmick to let SE boast the 100+hr play to completion as well. 

In my opinion, this is easily the worst FF I've ever played.  Even worse than FF3 and FF10.  And I didn't even touch on how broken and incomplete the story was.  Here they had possibly the best cast ever, and they ruined them with terrible writing and horrible character development.  What a waste.  (Keep in mind, I don't think ANY of the FFs after FF6, had a remarkable story.  I think their current writers are just not capable of making something that isn't cookie-cutter, corny, predictable and broken.)

Spend less time on the graphics next time folks, and remember that you are making a game in 2010, not 1993.  Gracias.




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Re: [SURVEY] Post Your Age and "View" of FF13

Apr 7, 2010

21 here, and so far I give it an 8. 


This final fantasy did not feel like the, most epic installment, and the story feels kinda short. One thing I do like about the story is that it doesn't focus on only one or two people like it has done in the past installments, save for 12.  The battle sysyem is great, it balances the diffrence between having a traditional RPG battle system, but at the same time it is fast paced, and it is entertaining to watch. 


And my most favorite feature of battle was ripped out of Street fighter out of all games...Juggling opponents!


Downsides are the voice acting, especially Vanille. Her voice is borderline annoying to hear because she has that "nagging quality to her voice, but with voice acting I can guarantee  that not everyone will be satisfied with the job the VAs did. Also I wish that you can control some of the movements of the lead character during battle, and


I think it 'would be a bonus to be able to write the story ourselves as the gamer.  To keep the story from being spoiled, the team basically has to decide with carrying out their terrible focus.  It be nice to decide for yourself how the story ends, instead of seeing only one possibility of how the story ends. (Maybe I just been spoiled by multiple endings because of Heavy Rain.)

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