Nov 18 2003
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Help! (FFX)

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i need help with the boss after the zanarkand trials! I think his name is glyph keeper. I don't have any berserk ward or have any way of customizing my weapons to have it.
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Re: Help! (FFX)

Nov 18, 2003
to make it easier move you people like every other move so the glyphs wont blow up beneath them and make sure someone is always behind him. its not that hard
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Re: Help! (FFX)

Nov 18, 2003

i put my characters in triangles around the glyph's so the scythe attack only effects one person. it just seems like i'm healing more then attacking. I don't know what to do about being berserked except to have yuna in but she always gets berserked. AHH its one crazy mess

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Re: Help! (FFX)

Nov 18, 2003

,bigmcnabb23 wrote:
i need help with the boss after the zanarkand trials! I think his name is glyph keeper. I don't have any berserk ward or have any way of customizing my weapons to have it.

I know to get berserk ward it is a easy item to use, something you buy at an item shop. Once you get that, make sure to move around the glyphs, and aeons are worthless here.
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Re: Help! (FFX)

Nov 18, 2003

,bigmcnabb23 wrote:
i need help with the boss after the zanarkand trials! I think his name is glyph keeper. I don't have any berserk ward or have any way of customizing my weapons to have it.

I got this from  I hope it helps.


---Spectral Keeper---
HP: 52,000
Sensor: *GET THIS!*
Strength: 36
Magic: 1
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Confusion,
Berserk, Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie,
Scan: Attacks all frontal targets when hit. It will plant a Glyph Mine
upon a circle, causing instant KO when detonated. Use the trigger
command Move to transfer to another circle.

There really isn't too much to say about this battle. Nonetheless, I'll
give you what there is.

Spectral Keeper has three ways to hurt you. First off all, he has an
attack called Berserk Tail. It inflicts 1,100 to 1,200 points of damage
and inflicts Berserk. Berserk means that you always Attack, yet hit
harder. Seems like a good deal, right?

Wrong. He also has this nasty counterattack that is nameless. You will
notice he has six Circles around him. He faces one. When you hit him,
he hits the character on the Circle he's facing, the character to its
left, and the character to its right. Basically, a hard counter will
hit three spots whenever you touch him. This does around 2,300 points
to everyone hit!

Lastly, each Circle, or little platform, can use Glyph Mine. It means
that when the Circle's turn comes up, it will explode, instantly
killing whoever is on it. Two are used at a time, so to find out which
is first, use Move to find out one's number. The numbers increase as
you go clockwise, so you can check the turn chart. Note that the
trigger command Move is the only way to target them.

What does Move do? It moves you to a different Circle. Why is this
important? Well, if all three characters are behind him, Spectral
Keeper's counter will ALWAYS miss each of the three circles he tries to
hit. You can avoid damage by staying behind him!

However, should you do that, you will be constantly moving, as Spectral
Keeper changes the direction he faces. This is not good. I thus suggest
that you separate it so that each character is one away from each
other. This means that while one character will ALWAYS be hit, two will
ALWAYS not be, and you won't have to keep wasting turns with Move.

Thus, with two people ALWAYS alive, you don't need to move...right?
Wrong. You MUST move for Glyph Mine if you're on a blinking platform.
Stay off the blinking ones! Other than that, don't use Move.

"How often does Spectral Keeper switch direction?" Every time he gets a
turn, he faces a target and uses Berserk Tail. Whoever he is facing is
now standing on the middle Circle of his counter. For this reason, if
you have three behind him, the character with Berserk might immediately
Attack, bringing a counter on everybody.

"What if I...get RID of Berserk?" Well, then you just made your battle
three times easier. Berserk Ward and Berserkproof are ideal, but since
those are all but impossible to come by, I suggest using a Remedy - or
better yet, Yuna's Esuna - to remove Berserk after it's inflicted. Note
that sometimes Berserk doesn't even work on regular characters anyway.

"Aha! I'll call an Aeon!" Be my guest. However, Glyph Mine is always
used. There is a hidden seventh Circle for Aeons, and they blow up
quickly. Use an Overdrive immediately if you can. Actually, Split
Infinity says that Spectral Keeper only activates Glyph Mines after
being hit three times, so if you hit it twice and Dismiss you will be
safe. Just be sure to Dismiss when the Glyph glows and you can
repeatedly call Aeons.

"I want him to face RIGHT HERE next time." Well, you CAN make sure that
he hits Tidus. If Tidus uses Provoke, he will ONLY use Berserk Tail on
Tidus. This could be used if Yuna is casting Esuna and you don't want
her to die. However, he still counterattacks, and it's pretty useless
and unnecessary.

"He's got a lot of HP." True, but Tidus and Wakka do 1,500 to 2,000
points apiece, and Auron does 2,500 to 3,000. Thus, an ideal round DOES
DO about 7,000 to him, and since they do more while in Berserk, chances
are you don't spend TOO much time on this battle.

If there are two Glyph Mines next to each other, then you can't have
everybody one apart and have them live. Move away, WAIT for them to
explode, and Move back.

The main key is just avoiding his counter (everybody one apart so two
ALWAYS safe) and avoiding the Glyph Mines with Move. Other than that,
this guy is about ready to become pyreflies.

Special note! The Circles CAN be hit! If you're using Lulu's Fury
Overdrive, they serve as random targets so that the Spectral Keeper is
hit less. They are Immune to all damage, but let the record show that
you CAN hit them! You can't, however, hit them with Attack Reels.

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