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Re: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Release Date is Official

May 28, 2013

the_original_se wrote:

too late for me to want to buy it now. once the PS4 comes out i probably wont touch my PS3. such a shame, i was looking forward to XIV too. maybe it will be released on the PS4 sometime.

Given how weak the first year's library usually is for new consoles, even should I get the PS 4 on day 1 (which is looking likely at this stage) I won't stop gaming on my PS 3 for the first year or so. Depends on how FF XIV ends up being and whether it comes to the PS 4 at some point as well.

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Re: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Release Date is Official

Jun 8, 2013

Yeah, I  kinda laughed to myself out loud  at the guy that said to bad its coming out on PS3... because i'll be playing PS4...  This game will be so great, that if you pass this game up, not playing it for 3 months in light of a new system being released later? I think your making a vast mistake. Especially if you've never experienced a game such as Final Fantasy 11.


I mean... this game could be so great.... that it could save you lots of money. Money that you will be spending trying to find that next big game, that next big adventure when you yourself are passing up one of the greatest experiences that can't be duplicated. Not to mention you will be missing that gaming experience of starting in a new world, where everyone is level 1, and we are all working together to figure things out for the first time. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon later down the line when the PS4 version finally drops, and thousands of people are telling you how to play, guides everywhere telling you which jobs should do this quest, what's the best strategy for this dungeon. It's much more fun trying to figure things out, then just googling every question. Something I never got to experience in FFXI because when I arrived there were already JP guys maxed level with a few Americans and others running around.

This game could be so great, and captivative that you might say... X amount of dollars for PS4? I'll wait till christmas bundles, because you will be so wrapped up in the game that you won't care for another release for sometime lol... It can be that good!!!


Oh, and since all you guys are PS3 players like myself... Which server are we gonna jump on during the beta? Be nice if we all got on the same server, and play this much anticipated and waited game!!!! It's finally here gentleman!!! Only 5 days left till the beta!!!!
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