Nov 23 2003
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FFX-2 questions

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there are some things I need to know about FFX-2 so this goes out to all you people that have it.


1-Is the voice acting good like the first one because I played the demo and it was like listening to voice acting from onimusha.


2-Can you use the aeons in battle or are te gone forever?


3-How long is the game and can you start a new story with stats from an other one you completed?(I know there is more than one ending.)


4-Is the fiend capture minigame in the us version?

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Re: FFX-2 questions

Nov 23, 2003

1-i believe all the voice acting is the same


2-if i am correct you will not be seeing aeons in this game (if you have beaten ffx you know why)


3-the game length depends on if you do mini games/side quests etc, but you should be able to get 40-80 hours out of it


4-i dont know about the fiend capture thing

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