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Jul 23 2010
By: ssjTiamat Hekseville Citizen 219 posts

UFC Unidsputed 2010 Online

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Let me apologize upfront if this is seen as a stupid question. But I have to ask it.


Are you required to purchase a second online user code? I was reading the back of the game manual and it says that I may have to purchase additional codes for online play.


**bleep**!! I have (like most of you) multiple users on my PS3. Mainly My son and myself. Nobody has ever had to purchase seperate id's for online play off of the same fricken system. If they (THQ) are that greedy for cash so as to make you pay for online play then I doubt I will be purchasing any more games by them.


I hope I am wrong. I have yet to try on both accounts and see what happens as I have yet to put the game in my PS3 (at work). Can anyone shed any light on this for me?



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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: UFC Unidsputed 2010 Online

Jul 23, 2010

Nevermind. I figured it out. It allows all users on the single system to access the online feature of the game. Dont know why THQ chose to go this route with online play as opposed to just having it available right out of the box like every other game.. but they did.

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