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Feb 19 2013
By: Deadpool722 First Son 3 posts

One Piece Grand Collection Battle (MUST HAVE GAME )

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Hello psn my name is omar and you know what would be an awsome idea to bring this franchise to the psn network if not as a psn content but as a ps2 downloadble to play however if you wont to make a big impression you can create a collection and add both one piece grand adventures and one piece grand battles this game was non to all of the other people out there but back then it was known for all the anime lovers that love one piece and we would love to have this franchise back we where all thrilled that you had one piece pirate warrors but now that you rileze Dragon ball z had there own collection and even naruto had there own so why not create a collection to game that people will enjoy in there very own ps3 here is quick gameplay of the game of one piece grand adventure  this is by far one piece fans favorite out of all the grand series and of course the first one that came out one piece grand battles no this was not a big fan favorite because of the character list but as you can see one piece grand adventure came back with more characters then it did before However in one piece grand battles in japan they had characters that we could not use in the american version check it out  And you know why this would get allot of downloads because one it is a ps2 classic and two LOOKHOW MUCH ONE PIECE FANS WE HAVE IN THE WORLD THIS GAME WOULD MAKE ALLOT OF MONEY IF IT CAM BACK TO THE PSN  AND YOU GUYS WILL EVEN GAIN MUCH MORE IF YOU CAN AT LEAST TRY TO ADD THE CHRACTERS IN GRAND BATTLE THAT WHERE NOT ADDED IN THE AMERICAN VERSION ALSO ITS ALMOST MY LITTLE BROTHERS BIRTHDAY AND HE IS A DIE HARD ONE PIECE FAN AND THIS WOULD BE A OUTSTANDING GIFT FOR HIM SO PLEASE PSN IF YOU CAN HERE BRING BACK THIS AMAZING ANIME FIGHTING GAME FOR ALL THE ONE PIECE FIGHTING GAME LOVERS BECAUSE IF I KNOW ONE THING ONE PIECE IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A NEW PS3 FIGHTING GAME TULL GOD KNOWS WHEN SO PLESE TO NOT MAKE PEOPLE WAIT ANY LONGER BRING BACK THIS AMAZING VIDEO GAME WEATHER IF ITS A PS2 DOWNLOAD OR A PS3 COLLECTION CONTAINING THE CHARACTERS THAT WE COULD NOT PLAY AS IN GRAND BATTLES LIKE FOXY AND AKOJI SO ONCE AGAIN PLEASE GIVE US ONE PIECE !!!!!!

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