Jul 07 2012
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Origins help. Talents not working.

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The help isn't for me, it's for my father who is playing this right now. I thought I knew everything about this game but I'm stumped, so I'm coming here to see if I can find help.


After a battle on my father's dwarf, he said his skills stopped working. The only skills his character can cast are steal and the 2 blood magic skills from Avernus's tower. Every other castable talent is just greyed out, including quick-heal. ANd it's only on the main character. The party's talents can all still be cast. His main character though can only auto attack.


I thought maybe he had some berserker talent/buff on that I didn't pay attention to, to know what it does, but no....he has no buffs going.. It seems just like he's got some berserk mode on that only allows auto-attack. Tried restarting, switching party, removing all equipment.....nothing lights his talent buttons up so they can be used.


Does anyone know what he may have done or activated that's causing this? In the meantime, he's started a new character, but he's got quite a few hours into that dwarf, and he doesn't want to lose him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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