Jan 26 2013
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Dragon Age 2

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I have recently acquired a copy of Dragon Age 2 for the PS3 and was immediately hit with problems. The graphics run pretty good but it takes a long time to load cut scenes and to open the menu. I wanted to know if this was because my system is an older FAT model or because I need to update the game it's self, and if I need to update the game it's self is there a way to do this via USB because I don't forsee acessing the internet via my console any time soon.

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Re: Dragon Age 2

Jan 27, 2013

If there is an update for the game it'll prompt you to do so before loading the game. There is no way to do this via USB. I'm sure having an older system is a contributing factor to your problems. I'd suggest you run Safe Mode option 3. Click the words Safe Mode for a link and follow the video.

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