Apr 15 2013
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dear capcom/ninja theory

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team ninja you have seriously butchered what could have been a fun game.

1. could the game play be any worse? with connection issues, no gun damage, glitches gallore, and allowing players to have a quit option (seriously?)

2. perhaps the worst attempt of character design i have ever seen. all i can really say to this one is wow.

this game has become nothing but a marketing ploy. to al the posts of "i want this character" just stop. this is not a game anymore it is an advertisment. just look at dante. ultimate marvel vs capcom sells half of what marvel vs capcom sells and whula. im sure plenty of people requested him.....

were i another studio i would not let these guys touch my characters.

this game is a flop. just ask ninja theory. capcom will try to get as much money our of it as they can with as little payroll possible. and i for one will not be supporting a bad game with bad support just so i can play as my favorite ps3 character.

by chance if anyone with capcom gets on these forums. take this game away from ninja theory before they can negatively impact the sales of your other main franchises. why give any advertising power to a company that can't even maintain itself?

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