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Re: New DMC Pics!

Sep 16, 2010

SweetPoison13 wrote:

Super_Vegeta1986 wrote:

johntown wrote:

SweetPoison13 wrote:



I would say that the "DMC formula" constitutes more than just the "gameplay" in these video games but take that for what it's worth.

I agree it is not just the gameplay but the character, setting, atmosphere and music in the game. So far from what we have seen at least the character is much different than expected......I would need to see more before I can make a judgement on the others but Carbonox said in another thread that they were working closely with some of the original japaneese developers to make sure it still had the DMC feel to it.


After I read that I was a lot less worried.

Very true, and I think that I do agree, its just well.   I'm trying to remain optimistic, you know make lemonade, after getting some lemons.   LOL


Yeah I am on the same page as you that, I'm a little less worried since some of the original DMC staff is still working on this game, but well, the worry hasn't completely subsided.

Onlythese lemons have fallen off the tree and been kicked around on a dirty street...

HAHA!  yeah!    wait. 

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