Sep 23 2011
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Trophy Problem!

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Today i was playing Demon Soul's Region 1 on my PS3.

Then i finished another gameplay and received the Maiden In Black soul.

Then the 3rd gameplay started and i've rescued Yuria The Witch.

After doing that i've finally learned the spell soulsucker, the last one for me to get the "Sage" Trophy, for those who've learned all spells.

I've saw the trophy thing appearing and all.

Everything was ok.

Then when i've exited the game, i was going to sync my trophies and when i see the suprise:

It was like i've never get the thropy! Still like "unbeaten".

Then started the game again, checked in all spells and everything is fine!

I've got ALL spells, i've see the trophy thing in the right corner of the screen, but on the sync it does not appear and i can't get it again!

What im supposed to do?

I've playing this game for MONTHS, trying to get the platinum trophy and now all my efforts are gone for some strange problem?

Please, i REALLY, need the solution for this problem.

This also happened with another trophy, the one to get the best weapon maxed out by bladestone.


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