May 31 2013
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Highest Soul Level??

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Simple question: What is the highest Soul Level reachable for one character?


I only just started the game, I lack the skill for it so I am dieing a lot more than most player probably would.

I am only at Soul Level 12, but still have a hard time trying to keep alive and keep the souls I collect.

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Re: Highest Soul Level??

May 31, 2013

712 is the highest possible soul level, so you are far from that. If you're serious about making a build, I would not make anything past level 140. I used to play often in 2011 and back then level 120 was the accepted PvP range.


Even though you are far from the highest possible level, leveling helps but not as much in Souls games as other rpgs. The games can definitely be completed under level 30 and some extreme players have done it with no leveling at all. It will help you a lot to learn the enemies moves and how to combat them. Getting better gear and upgrading it will also help. If you can get blue phantoms, they are usually a tremendous help for new players too. However, you can't always get phantoms to help you and just have to do some levels solo.

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