Jun 04 2011
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Need tips on Impossible mode in DS2

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I been trying to find some tips for impossible difficulty in Dead Space 2 through google but all I getting is mostly Dead Space 1.

Thought I ask here for couple tips that I want to know.

I know that you only can save 3 times in impossible mode and there are 14 chapters in totals. So which 3 chapters should I saved on?

Which suits/weapons should I fully upgrade first with the nodes?

and lastly, which weapons are good to use in impossible mode?

That's all of my questions for impossible mode in Dead Space 2.

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Re: Need tips on Impossible mode in DS2

Dec 30, 2011

ooo you are talking about hardcore mode.

As for tips I can tell you to relax lol Hardcore is only hard because you only have three saves, the actual difficulty level is really "normal" with the save disadvantage. The real hard game mode is impossible or zealot (not sure which is the hardest on DS2) I have beaten it at least 10 times and I can tell you (already platinumed the game) that for the most part don't worry about saving at the right chapter as long as you save far enough. The best way to do it is divide it into three. Save once at 5 or 6, then again at 10 or 11 and save the last one as close as you can get to the end of the game.

Personally spend the nodes on the suit first if at all applicable, like health and stasis, then worry about the damage of your guns.

As for weapons its best just to use the cutter and the force gun, the only downside is you don't get the force gun until later into the game, but only having to weapons on hand means A LOT more ammo lol. The plasma cutter is accurate and decent all around (2nd to the pulse rifle but the eats up ammo like a mofo lol) and the force gun if you decide to take that route always knocks them down giving you valuable time to slow them down, run away, kill them, throw something at them etc, but the added bonus is that the force gun is basically a space shotgun lol. It can take down multiple enemies at once. On top of that the secondary allows for a charged focused blast of energy that will plow through enemies and will kill the weaker enemies in one shot. Another reason why this gun is a must have is because it makes short work of the small parasite things that explode from the preggy space zombies, (the ones that climb on your back, not the lurker babies)

What I did was, I decided to spend a little extra on the DLC and bought a suit that came with the force gun so I get it from the start, plus a much better suit as well.

Other than that just make sure you save that way at least if you do end up getting killed, you made it to ch5 or 10 etc.

Good luck dude

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