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Mar 07 2013
By: msummbody First Son 4 posts

Dead Space 3 Co-Op Connectivity Issues

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Im trying to play Dead Space 3 in Co-Op mode with a friend, but the both of us get a Failed Connection message every time we try to play the game with each other despite who the host is. The odd thing is that the friend that Im trying to do this with can connect to me in Other EA Titles but for some reason the Dead Space 3 game doesnt work.


My friend told me that he can play Dead Space 3 with other people, but he is frustrated that he cant play the game with me.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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First Son
Registered: 07/24/2013
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Re: Dead Space 3 Co-Op Connectivity Issues

Jul 24, 2013
has anyone solve this? I'm having the same issue just bought DS3 and no luck connecting with my buddies
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