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Dark Souls: Armor Comparison

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Hey everyone,

The goal of this Tome will be to help players determine which armor set fits them the best, and in what situation.

As such I'm going to look at two specific stats.

One: The total amount of physical protection per pound of armor when fully upgraded to +5/+10 (depending upon set)

Two: The total amount of elemental protection per pound of armor when fully upgraded to +5/+10 (depending upon set)

The idea behind this concept is that by knowing your weight limitation for your build, be it a flipping ninja, or a slab of solid steel, you can determine which protection in which situation is ideal.

I'll break it into four categories for ease of reading:

     -Starter Sets

     -Light Sets

     -Medium Sets

     -Heavy Sets

Here are the stats we will be looking at in more detail:

     -Weight: The combined weight of a complete set

     -Total Physical Protection: At maximum upgrade

*All stats below are based upon maximum upgrades to the armor, some armor upgrades will naturally be more expensive than others, and some armors are not able to be upgraded.

**I've put in bold the top stat of each category

Starter Sets

These are the sets you can start the game with

Armor Name
Total Weight
Physical Def
Phys Def Per Wgt
Mag Def
Mag Def Per Wgt
Fire Def
Fire Def Per Wgt
Lightning Def
Lgtn Def Per Wgt
Bandit Set7.914618.512515.88210.310413.2
Cleric Set7.9118.615125.915.972.79.2101.612.9
Hunter Set11.513311.6118.510.374.96.5133.211.6
Knight Set25217.78.794.33.81094.472.72.9
Pyromancer Set7128.218.3145.320.8188.827104.915
Sorcerer Set6125.821166.927.882.413.710417.3
Thief Set9.1141.515.614215.696.510.6112.312.3
Wanderer Set9.11461613314.612914.214215.6
Warrior Set16.416510.11237.5117.87.21267.7

Light Sets

These sets have a weight between 0-20

Armor NameTotal WeightPhysical DefPhys Def Per WgtMag DefMag Def Per WgtFire Def
Fire Def Per WgtLightning DefLgtn Def Per Wgt
Antiquated Set5428.49819.6285.65711.4
Big Hat's Set10.2112.71116115.8807.8111.911.0
Black Set1195.58.7119.310.897.88.974.56.8
Black Sorcerer's Set4.582.418.3176.639.2128.228.5128.228.5
Chain Set17.2174.210.1133.17.7106.56.2462.7
Channeler's Set231225.31034.51024.4783.4
Crimson Set9.7123.912.8125.412.972.87.591.59.4
Dingy Set7.5123.516.5196.126.2116.215.515020
Gold-Hemmed Black Set9.1778.5112.512.416217.8677.4
Great Lord Set14.6785.3785.31006.91006.9
Gwyndolin Moonlight Set8.4475.6667.9364.3364.3
Hollow Soldier Set12.3118.69.672.65.9756.148.43.9
Hollow Thief Set5.699.217.794.416.96311.2584.715.1
Hollow Warrior Set10.6113.810.772.66.855.65.3757.1
Maiden Set6.5123.419169.426101.715.7135.620.9
Painting Guardian Set7.162.338.8181.425.6122.517.396.213.5
Shadow Set6.090154886210.36711.2
Witch Set9.3113.412.215516.7727.79410.1
Xanthous Set15.215510.2175.311.532.42.1105.36.9

Medium Sets

These sets traditionally have a weight between 20-40

Armor Name
Total Weight
Physical Def
Phys Def Per Wgt
Mag Def
Mag Def Per Wgt
Fire Def
Fire Def Per Wgt
Lightning Def
Lgtn Def Per Wgt
Adventurer's Set25.4903.5602.4652.6481.9
Balder Set25223.
Black Knight Set31207.86.71073.5178.25.862.12.0
Brass Set27.81866.71063.8973.5973.5
Catarina Set30227.97.6122.54.1142.84.877.52.6
Crystaline Set27.9732.6531.9391.4170.6
Dark Set28.4181.56.4120.94.3122.54.31043.7
Eastern Set22.5128.85.7421.9934.151.12.3
Elite Knight Set26.82158.0101.53.81094.184.73.2
Favor Set28.1178.36.488.33.1110.13.969.82.5
Ornstein's Set28.51665.8843.01123.9963.4
Paladin Set33.1234.27.1125.73.8142.84.377.52.34
Silver Knight Set28.8195.46.897.73.4108.53.8128.74.5
Solaire Sun Armor Set23.12089.01275.51275.5944.1
Steel Set36261.37.3135.63.8128.23.682.42.3
Thorns Set27176.86.6108.54.0125.54.780.63.0
Way of White Set32.1249.37.8140.54.4128.

Heavy Sets

Typically these have a combined weight of 40+

Armor Name
Total Weight
Physical Def
Phys Def Per Wgt
Mag Def
Mag Def Per Wgt
Fire Def
Fire Def Per Wgt
Lightning Def
Lgtn Def Per Wgt
Black Iron Set40271.36.8116.42.9201.
Giant Armor Set42.1280.76.7128.83.1193.74.6130.33.1
Havel's Set502364.71422.81402.81252.5
Iron Golem Set42.12345.61122.71032.4431.0
Smough's Set45.12685.91333.01723.81463.2
Stone Knight Set45.22345.21162.61413.11413.1

-A ton of credit/kudos/likes goes to the Dark Souls Wiki as I leaned heavily upon their stats

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Excellent idea!

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Hey, pretty sweet!

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Nov 27, 2012

I  just raised my Endurance Level up high and wear Ring Of Favor and Protection to increase my Equip Load. Allowing me to wear Heavy Class Armor and have Medium Class Armor movement. If I raise it high enough I'll be able to wear Heavy Armor and have Light Armor fast movement. Yes you can have your cake and eat it too.

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I really need to get back into Demon Souls and Dark souls

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