Dec 11 2012
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Your Feedback about DUST 514

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Hello guys, 


As a player of Dust 514 and EvE online i would like your opinions about Dust 514 and what u think about its character and gameplay expirience.

I've been in eve online for almost 2 years and im earger to see the results by the end of the beta and the game's release.

One thing i think its worth saying is that the gamers in eve online are very good players and will surly  help to explain some of the things that will mix between their world and Dust 514 once the bridge between us is complete.

I can only hope that the DUST comunity will do the same and help each other to accomplish their tasks and achive epic goals where no other MMO ever saw in the world.

I hope that evaluation of the game is at the very least satisfactory  and once i gather enough opinions ill open a new post in eve forums commenting on the results.

please keep respectfull replies and be mindfull of what you will talk about here because of the terms of agreement so u dont get ur beta key revoked. 

your turn guys o7

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