Nov 14 2013
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Orbital Strikes from the Sky....Fired by EVE capsuleers PART 2

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I posted this as separate from the previous "Lasers from the Sky" thread, because it's much too important to be overlooked.


EVE players were always holding an interest in the controversial "merge" with Dust 514 that was predicted to be accomplished some time next year.  Without much publication, that link has been made already (through Factional Warfare section of the game only).  And now that the door is open, EVE capsuleers have been pouring in and reaching out to Dust console players. 


Follow the thread below to find the EVE-communication chat channels.  From the words of the thread, some of these channels are AMAZING, and we really ought to put our Public Contract toys down for a while and try these matches out. Read for yourself:



CaveCav's thread and list:

Since I can't seem to find one I thought why not make one?

I'll edit this post with a list of useful in-game chat channels, for people that need a squad o some in-game help so please help me out since I'm kinda new and I don't know all of them.
Please list below active channels and what are they aimed to.
Also if you want your corp public channel listed post as "Name of the Channel - Corp - Main Language"

Edit: I'm joining suggested channels to see if they are active, also have to find a witty quotes

LFS Channels

-LFSquad "Lfs"

-Drunk Night "Drunk Dust is the best Dust, nice people, fun times, 98.1 FM"

FW Channels

-(E!) PIE Ground Control (Amarr FW) "The Will of God: Amarr Invincible"

-Caldari Hierarchy (Caldari FW)

-Turalyon (Gallente FW)

-(E!) JTF GalMil DD (Gallente FW)

-Tribal Voices (Minmatar FW)

-(E!) Chosen Matari (Minmatar FW)

Role Specifics Channels

-Scouts United (Scouts Channel) "Only sneaky **bleep** in here!"

-Heavys Only (Heavies Channel, Logibros welcomed too) "Fatties <3 Chubby Chasers"

-Cannon Fever (Plasma Cannon Channel) "You guys always scare the living s**t out of me...not fun at all..."

-Condor Squad (Dropships Channel) "Probably the bravest players in the Dust community"

-1st Airborne (Dropships/Pilots Channel) "...don't worry, they won't crash!"

-Tanks R Us (Tankers/Vehicle Channel) "So let's bring out the BIG GUNS! "

General Help Channels



-Learning Coalition (Help Channel for all players) "Everybody newberries and veterans join!"

Corporations Channels

D.A.R.K (D.A.R.K L.E.G.I.O.) 


CavCav's Forum Thread (THANKS CavCav!!)



I found a great Gallente FW channel... JTF GalMil DD

A buddy of mine from EVE sent me the channel invite for JTF GalMil DD and I was immediately impressed with how active the channel was and the significant participation by EVE pilots.  The channel was started by EVE pilots looking to integrate Dust into FW operations and we've had very consistent orbital support when we are looking for squad or want to synch up multiple squads. 

it's a great place to meet folks from other corps and alliances that are interested in Gallente and some Minmatar FW.  Good channel for networking and making EVE side connections.

Again, highly recommended for Gallente FW individuals, sqds, or corps......   Jaysyn Larrisen




I'm a pretty new Dust player (long time EVE player) and just checked out this channel this weekend.  Pretty cool!

I didn't know really how Dust related to EVE from a game mechanic until recently and I got a great coaching session from the Pilots in the channel.  The OBs that pilots drop is waaaay more coverage and damage than the warbarge strikes and you can get different effects using different turrets in your ship.

  I think the upcoming Faction War changes to Dust will make this a really nice deal for both Dust and Eve.

I my going to try my hand and dropping orbital strikes for the Gallente this week...see you guys there.  Thanks to the guys at JTF GalMil DD for teaching me to Merc a little better and how to drop OBs!........  Maxx Kruger





...I think it's time we merc professionals leave our puny PC playground, and say HELL-0 to our future EVE clients.Smiley Wink

Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
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