Dec 22 2013
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facebook picture issues

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When i first got my ps4 i used the facebook picture instead of the avatar and it worked fine it showed as in game picture as profile picture and messaging picture etc but now that i went to change the picture on facebook it didnt change the picture on my ps4 when i go to edit profile and go to change your profile picture it shows the new picture i put in the check or non check screen but wont show it anywhere else.


Iv tried to un-check it re-check it again i tried turning off my ps4 and back on i tried logging out and in again and nothing works. it even takes out the facebook picture entirely  and puts the psn avatar pic instead. Right now it shows my old facebook pic (which is not the one i have set) on my screen but only on my screen i can see the old facebook pic but to others they only see my psn avatar now. 


This is getting irritating. maybe im doing this wrong or whatever but this needs to be fixed with a update or something if this is a bug. Anyway can anyone give me some answers on this issue?

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