Dec 22 2013
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Video Output Resolution fix ?

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Hello everyone,


PS4 is trying to be too clever and protect me from setting a wrong video output. Problem is, that my projector is doing the same thing. While PS4 is determining the highest possible resolution, my projector is waiting for some signal to come in from HDMI and then adjusts accordingly. PROBLEM is that the projector is slower in determining this , then the PS4. So I have a 1080p projector running my PS4 in 480p mode, because the PS4 will NOT let  me choose my own video output.


Can I somehow override the PS4 output settings ? Is there a fix , a patch,  or anything on the way ? What can I do ? I don't want to run my PS4 on 480p res Smiley Sad

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Re: Video Output Resolution fix ?

Dec 22, 2013

Welcome to the Playstation Forums.


You can set up the output from the PS4™ system's HDMI OUT port.


By default, this is set to automatically match the TV you connect. If any manual adjustments are needed, select [Sound and Screen] > [Video Output Settings].

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Re: Video Output Resolution fix ?

Oct 19, 2014
Short: Bug (version 1.76 currently) causes manual Video Output Settings to reset to Automatic upon Sleep or Power Off.

PS4 software version 1.76 -> Sony HT-IS100 Receiver -> Acer H6510BD projector
No video output with Automatic Video Settings
No persistent Manual Video Settings after power cycle

I'm having the same issue of my ps4 failing the handshake with my projector through a Sony Audio/Video Receiver. I'm certain that it's the ps4 failing the handshake because my Xbox One had no problems with the projector and the PS4 video output settings are faulty.

The ps4 is on update version 1.76. As suggested, I've connected to other screens and changed the video output settings from Automatic to the correct manual settings. I can then reconnect to the ps4 to the AVR and projector, which works for exactly one power cycle. As soon as the ps4 powers off or sleeps, video will no longer work.

After troubleshooting a bit, I've found that entering sleep or powering off cause the ps4 to forget my manual video preferences and resets them all to Automatic. That forces me to pull out and reconnect a secondary screen to edit video settings For.Every.Power.On! Super frustrating.

Bug in software version 1.76? Anyone know fixes or workarounds for this?
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