Feb 10 2014
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PS4 / Turtle Beach Px22 compatibility

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I have a PS4 and the Px22 Turtle beach headset, hooked up to a Asus monitor. The headset comes with the red/white AV cables to plug into the back of a TV, but the ps4 has no port for them.  I play FPS and want good, loud surround sound quality. 


I have the headset plugged into the ps4 usb port and into the headset jack (3.5) on the back of the monitor. The audio output settings on the ps4 are on Dolby. The headset works, but not as well as they do on the ps3 with the AV cables (it has a weak surround sound and the volume won't go very high). 


How can I get this headset to be fully compatible with my ps4? Or is this as good as it gets?


This is what it says on the turtle beach website, but I'm not sure what exactly it means.

"*For full PS4™ compatibility you will need to PS4™ System Software Update 1.50 and have stereo output connection from TV or audio receiver for game audio."

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Re: PS4 / Turtle Beach Px22 compatibility

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Jul 12, 2014

don't worry there is hope. there is a device that is spesificly made for the turtle beach that will alow you to gain full use out of your px22s. it is called the turtle beach upgrade kit. and when i pluged my px22s in to my system with the device they worked perfectly. it uses the digital optical port in the back of the ps4 to work. 




heres the link:

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