Jan 19 2014
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Did Anyone ever receive a solution from Sony on this error code NW-31201-7.   As everyone has stated, the connection status shows connected to the internet but once if comes to  the PSN sign-in, it shows FAILED.


He is some other curious info if someone can put all the pieces together.

We have another Wi-Fi router In the house that the PS4 CAN connect to.

….and It DOES see the PSN sign-in.

Everything would be OK but, the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough.


So we had to get another  router dedicated for PS4 only,  and placed it closer

So we placed a Belkin “Pre-N” Wi-Fi router next to the PS4, thinking this will work.

However, both  the Wi-Fi connection nor the LAN connection FAIL at this point in the connection status, with error code NW-31201-7


It can’t be because there are two router in the same home.   This thing was made to select and distinguish between different routers available in the area.


This is terrible....about ready to return it for my son.   He got it for Christmas and hasn’t been able to play on-line with everyone since that time

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