Nov 16 2013
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Logging In Twice - Problem Fix's

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So after installing everything yesterday and getting my PS4 up and going, I found that I couldn't do anything when logging into my PSN Account, a game, ie: AC4, BF4, etc... or downloading an app, ie: Netflix, Amazon etc... Meaning that nothing would work, like it didn't recognize all my login information or game deta.

I called a buddy of mine and he was having the same issue but told me that if I logged out of my account and logged back in it would recognize me, then he told me to close the apps I had open, ie: what game I was playing and Netflix, etc... I did. When I entered back into the apps or games for a second time, I was able to see everything that would not appear before. As if I had to reset the app after downloading it or reset that app that appears when playing a game.

The only issue I'm having now is that I can't get my account to recognize that I have a Playstation + account so I can go online with BF4, and AC4. This I've tried just about everything and I still can't.

Anyone have suggestions??
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