Nov 17 2013
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Endless "Installing Application" Loop for Digital Upgrade Games

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the sticky post at top of forums is BS, I bought the digital download of Battlefield 4 on ps3, and at same time purchased premium and Digital download for Playstation 4, Spent near $120, So If I need a disc to play a Digital download I want a full refund, Im getting ready to contest the charge on my card, This is complete and udder failure on sony's part.

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Re: Endless "Installing Application" Loop for Digital Upgrade Games

Nov 17, 2013

That post is for those that bought the DISC version of BF4 for the PS3, they are saying you need to put the ps3 disc int he ps4 to finish the downloading if you did the $10 upgrade to PS4.  Might just be a problem with PSN if you having issues downloading all digital.  

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