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Re: Why is mw2 such crap?

Apr 10, 2010


MaximA509 wrote:

Its crap because you say so..Go cry somewhere else please. What you think people arent gonna disagree with you? of course they are, this is a COD forum, and whenever someone does, the only response you true fanboys can come up with it calling other people fanboys. I love how everyone that makes hate post about MW2, always magically seems to have a 2.5, 3.0 or higher k/d ratio, fanboys and liers, not a good mix.


You say when people do not like a game they call those who do fanboys,but then the people who like the game say the reason thoses who hate it must suck at it, so this comparsion can go both ways,and why is it so hard to grasp that people who have a high KDR may think the game is garbage.once again your theory is pretty pathetic,what you are saying is if you don't like the game you must suck at it,and to keep their opinions to themselves.


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